Fishing The Upper Severn And My First Welsh Fish Of The Year

The COVID-19 situation has meant that this was my first fishing session in Wales this year.

Normally, I’ve had two holidays by now so lots of sea fishing there, plus coarse sessions after work in the area.

Talking of after work, that’s how I managed to get a couple of hours on the river for the first time in 2021.

It was a scorcher of a day, but I did well, with constant bites. Minnows and chub were the fish on the bank.

It is my intention to do more sessions on the upper reaches of the river, assuming we don’t go back into lockdown restrictions, that is.

It’s a case of making the most of the opportunity in front of you, though, and not getting concerned with next week, month or year.

I do love the upper Severn, there’s something very special about it.

Have you ever fished it?

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