I’m Not After Violins Or Sympathy But It’s Good To Be Back Out After No Fishing For Two Days

It’s been a busy week, with the UEFA Europa Conference League game between The New Saints and Glentoran dominating my time.

In fact, I’ve been getting home very late, eating, going to bed and then up early to get back to work.

I know it’s only for a limited time though, and I’m not complaining, as the European games are always very special.

I made a point though of getting out for a short evening session, especially as I’ll be back at it – football, that is – almost immediately.

The trip to the Staffs/Worcs Canal was a fruitful one. Nothing big but lots of gudgeon, perch and roach on the bank.

I also make reference to the latest blog experiment, where the video is exclusive to this site, rather than on YouTube as well.

Ultimately, whatever I try is always about time management. I enjoy blogging but it must always the servant and never the master.

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