Tips On Canal Swim Selection, Another Short Session And Some Roach-Flavoured Tea

I fish a lot and that’s where local waters come in very handy. It’s great having the Staffs/Worcs Canal just minutes away by car.

Fishing at the right time of the day, it’s better to have a couple of hours on the bank than it is to go right through when conditions aren’t ideal.

I kick the video off by talking about swim selection, and that’s in reference to a question Paul asked in the comments page, that you can access via the menu above.

On this session I caught numerous fish and although nothing big, it was a very enjoyable time.

The roach-flavoured tea story is revealed in the video.

Loading the car afterwards I saw an old friend, Chris Jones, and we chatted for ages by the side of the road.

Great to see you, Chris!

Watch the accompanying video.

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