Six Months In, How’s The Diet Going?

Certainly when I’m at home, I weigh myself every morning. If you do as well, you’ll know that your weight does fluctuate.

However, the important thing is to see that the overall trend is in the right direction.

Although I’ve lost just one pound since my last related blog entry, the big picture is that I’ve shed eighteen so far this year.

That may only be three pounds per month but, when I started my diet on January 1, it was always about a marathon and not a sprint.

It’s also been about lifestyle change as well. I’ve had no junk food this year either. Not only have I lost weight but I’m also feeling better.

Watch the accompanying video.

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  1. Hi Stewart
    Well done with the weight loss , me and my wife are on the same journey .
    Aldi do a really nice low cal diet ice cream that fits into a weight loss plan
    Hope this helps

    1. Hello, Tony.
      All good and in the right direction. Six months to go so plenty more weight to shed.
      I may be looking at ice cream then, as I decided to go twelve months without anything of that nature.
      I shall see though, I haven’t decided yet. I haven’t really thought I may never eat I’ve cream again!
      Great to hear that you and your wife are doing the same. Nice one.

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