An Early Morning Canal Lure Session Before The Bank Holiday Monday Boats Come Through

Although it was a scorcher of a day later, it wasn’t so at first light. I certainly didn’t feel that warm with my big angling coat on and a fleece underneath.

With it being school holiday week as well, it’s best to hit the canals before the boat traffic starts anyway.

That was the case for me this morning, as I was up before 5.00 a.m. with my body waking me naturally.

No flask is needed on a short lure session, so I had a mug of tea at home, while I watched the birds in the garden. The highlight was a feeding stock dove on the lawn.

As you can see from the lead image, I caught a pike. Apart from a hook-pull on a decent perch, that was all I had on the bank.

Watch the accompanying video.

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