Great Views, Wooded Valley, Golf Course And A Bluebell Wood – An Evening Walk Around The Local Area

It’s been a very pleasant evening and my wife and I – accompanied by our Bedlington Terrier, Twinkle – decided to walk a path that we came across when we first moved to the area.

It was a very pleasant stroll, and because we live in a valley, as you climb to the top the views are great. You can see all the way to Wales, which I find particularly pleasing.

As someone who loves the natural world, I do appreciate very much where we live. We are surrounded by woodland and farmland, with a golf course thrown in for good measure.

I mentioned in my last blog entry about the thoughts regarding written blogs versus vlogs. Well, the latter is most definitely the way to capture entries like this one.

You can view the video here as we took our evening walk. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it’s why I want to cut back on my working hours as I get older.

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