Online Seminar With Young Footballers On The Importance Of A Positive Social Media Presence

Although there are no physical meetings between the TNS FC Academy coaches and players at present, nevertheless they have been using Zoom to good effect, as they’ve been connecting via the internet.

They asked me if I’d do something on social media. Sam Wood, who I work with in media, prepared an excellent PowerPoint presentation, so my job was easy really. Just talk.

When it comes to a positive social media, it’s not just about footballers, but all of us that need to take note.

Potential employers will most definitely search out our social media accounts and without doubt there will be many that didn’t land the dream job because their public postings failed them.

You really can’t overstate just how important it is to be positive when you’re online and staying away from controversy.

I told the young players about my own invitation to go to Dublin to speak to the top-flight Irish clubs a few years ago.

It all started when I had a telephone call from the FA Ireland, saying we’ve been looking at your social media presence and we like it.

Imagine if I was a ranter and posted negative stuff. The thing is I’d have never made the trip and that’s a fact.