Back To The Training Ground, What Did Santa Bring The Players?

Although I’m still in my seventh full season with The New Saints, 2021 means that I’ve touched eight years of involvement.

I do something every day – that’s the nature of football media – but this morning it was a working day at Park Hall, my first of the new year.

I asked a number of players, plus coach, Chris Seargeant, what Santa brought them for Christmas.

You can see the video below, with confusion due to some players waiting for the question to be asked.

I think it adds to the humour of the video though, and as you can see from the general banter, there’s a good team spirit in the camp.

In addition, from a media perspective, it shows the importance of good relationships with the players. Two of them call me Rev.

The more you get on with people, the more relaxed they become and the better the content.

The lead image is Blaine Hudson, who has played for both Chester and Wrexham.