Fishing On The Way To Work – Quality Over Quantity

Making the most of every opportunity, I did some fishing before work this morning.

I wasn’t there long but it was a happy visit. It will also be the final one on that particular section for a while, because, on the way back home, I noticed the road alongside the canal is now closed for repair work.

I again fished with the Greys rod, as per the last two angling-related blog entries.

It’s proving to be an excellent choice, as I can put it in the boot when I’m working, and I want to do some fishing around that, like today.

I fished with a Greys G Lite spinning rod (4-8lb) and a Shimano DL2500FA reel. 

Maxima Chameleon 4lb line went straight through to a Drennan Super Specialist size 16 hook.

I would normally go lighter for roach but the rod was set-up from the day before so I kept it as it was, especially as time was limited.

The hook length was created by a 5mm bead and a size 6 shot. The lead was a 1/4 ounce bomb. 

I fished with double maggot and fed loose maggots.


  1. Have missed your fishing video’s, then have been spoilt with 3 in a few days. Lovely chub, amazing what’s in those little waters, great roach on the next session too. Interesting story about inspiring the well known angler, I’m thinking either Matt Hayes or Des Taylor 🤔 tight lines