Fishing During Lockdown And The Difference Between A Passion And An Obsession

On the day that Wales comes out of its ‘firebreak’, England continues in her lockdown. Working in one and living in the other means I’ve been affected by both.

The first nationwide lockdown, that began in March of this year, was much more restrictive. For example, although angling is allowed now, it wasn’t back then.

I went fifty days without casting a line, and for someone who fishes pretty much every day, that really is one extreme to another.

People asked me how I managed to cope, assuming that I was upset, frustrated, annoyed or whatever.

The truth was that it didn’t bother me at all. I couldn’t go fishing, so I didn’t. It was as simple as that

One principle I grasped many years ago is that there’s a massive difference between a passion and an obsession.

The former is healthy and uplifting while the latter is negative and pulls us down.

A simple way to describe it is that when I’m not fishing, I’m not counting down the time until I go next.

Although I’m always looking forward to the next session, it’s never on my mind in an all-consuming way.

I go fishing. I absolutely love it. Then I get on with the other things of life. It’s about balance and personal perspective.

The fish in the lead image was caught just before the current English lockdown. I had done a number of sessions on a reservoir that I thoroughly enjoyed and I sensed a campaign coming on.

The owners of the venue have decided to close it on this occasion though but that’s no problem as there are plenty of other places open.

I’ll be back on there in due course, in the meantime at least I can go fishing somewhere else.

That’s how to view life. Don’t get sidetracked by what you can’t get but rather focus on what you have.