On A Personal Level, November Is Going To Be A Very Busy Month Indeed – As Long As I Can Keep Fishing Though, I’ll Be Happy

I was up at first light again this morning for another canal lure session. No alarm needed, I was up and ready to go with plenty of time to spare.

After yesterday’s encounter with a pike, I headed for the same spot. Casting around with a small jig-head means that you don’t create much disturbance.

You can stay in one area much longer than if you are chucking a huge lure out. In fact, a 2g jig-head and a two-inch rubber minnow creates just the gentlest of plops when it hits the surface of the water.

I didn’t catch anything but I did have a big fish on briefly. It was either a pike or a huge perch, I didn’t have enough contact to confirm which.

I did see a faint glimpse of green in the water though. Either way, it’s motivating me to go back again rather than give up.

It’s like life, when things don’t work out we either yield or we take up the challenge.

On a personal level, November is going to be a very busy month indeed. As long as I can keep fishing though, I’ll be happy.

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