Wet And Windy? No Problem, Just Be Careful – Fishing Storm Aiden

With another named storm hitting the UK over the last few days, it’s been wet and windy again.

Fishing a storm is like any other time really, you have to be safety conscious, but especially so during adverse weather conditions.

I was up early this morning, before church, as I fancied a first-light canal lure fishing session.

I set up in an area that wasn’t next to trees – that’s important when it’s windy – and as I anticipated rain I didn’t film the session, as my iPhone doesn’t cope well at all in those conditions.

I had two separate plucks but unfortunately my small rubber minnow didn’t produce on this occasion.

I enjoyed myself, however, and as any lure angler will tell you, especially on the short trips, you’re never guaranteed fish.

It’s a great way to get extra sessions in though, when time is tight. As you can see from the lead image, you have minimal gear with you as it’s all about travelling light.

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