Live Blogging With A Difference – Promoting The Blogs Of Fellow Anglers

7.00 p.m.

I’m at home this evening and I’m going to use the opportunity to add some more entries to the A-Z Of Angling Blogs . There’s more in the video below.

7.40 p.m.

Human error when compiling something of this nature, I noticed that the letter L needed revision, as the number entered was higher than it should be.

I’ve added several new entries including one that caught my eye from the title alone. Land Of My Fathers, is a fly fishing blog from Wales.

8.00 p.m.

The letter K drew a blank. Although I’ve got all the letters of the alphabet covered, some are harder to find than others.

8.15 p.m.

Speak too soon, randomly came across two with the letter K so added those. Both Dutch sites, if you use Google Translate you can convert to English.

8.25 p.m.

Came across a blog beginning with Z so included that. You don’t get many with that letter, so whenever I find unusual ones, they go straight in.

Reading stevetheangler’s blog was pleasantly surprised to get a mention in there. Going to stay in S and add a few to that list.

Watching football on TV. The Scottish Premiership leaders are in European action. Come on Rangers! My Scottish team!

9.00 p.m.

Seven blogs beginning with S added to the list, all Spanish. Courtesy of Google Translate, though, you can read them in English.

Talking of S, Clive, who writes sidestreambob posted a comment on this blog entry.

That’s me done, as the list reaches 651. Now to concentrate on the second-half of the Rangers’ game.


    1. To be honest, I didn’t understand the post, but I replied out of courtesy! I did give your blog a plug though!

      1. Yep, those yoga sessions are definitely paying dividends!

        Btw my son supports Celtic, one of my best mates plays badminton in a variety of Motherwell shirts and, as I used to go to Edinburgh a bit for work, I plumped for Hibernian as my Scottish team. So, a lot of interest in Scottish football in this house.


        1. That’s interesting. I’ve had a fair bit to do with Scottish football in the last few years.
          In fact, in the room I’m in right now, got a few signed shirts on the wall, but none from the clubs you mention.

    1. Hello, Clive. I’ve probably added one or two in the past but not that many.
      Mostly UK and USA, the latter are usually quite good, although it’s about adding anything from anywhere, as long as they’re fishing!