The Perfect Start To The Season Continues, With A 4-0 Victory In Pen-y-bont – I Was Asked The Question, Do You Ever Get Bored Of Winning?

I enjoyed the weekend in South Wales, and not forgetting why I was there, of course, which was to cover the JD Cymru Premier MD8 game between Penybont FC and The New Saints FC.

A Louis Robles double in the first-half was followed by the same for Greg Draper in the second period, ensuring a comfortable 4-0 victory.

That’s six straight wins in the league, twenty-five goals scored and none conceded. The perfect start continues, indeed.

I was talking to the father of one of the opposition players on the car park after the game and he asked me if I get bored with winning by a big margin every week.

The answer was quite simply, no. You never get bored of success. Winning games and winning trophies is what drives you on.

Whatever we do in life, don’t we all aim to be the best that we can? When we are successful, do we ever wish we weren’t? Football is no different.

This was my 21st game of the season and you can view the others via the link.


  1. Em, if you offered me an hour of badminton with a choice of winning 21-5, 21-4, 21-6 or losing 19-21, 23-21, 18-21 I’d take the latter all day every day.

    Guess we are all made differently, which is no doubt a good thing, otherwise life would be boring!


    1. The most important thing for me in the fictitious scenario you describe would be to enjoy the game.
      Some winners don’t enjoy winning.
      Working in professional football, you most certainly want to get the results.
      If we win the league, we play in the Champions League.
      If we come second, we don’t.
      Being successful in life in general though is more than just results on paper.
      Happy people are contented within themselves. I would want to win the game of badminton but ultimately winning without inner peace is nothing.
      However, if you can have both, why not.

      1. Ah ha, of course I am nowhere remotely close to being a professional sportsman so it isn’t a fictitious scenario for me. I hadn’t consciously realised it, but especially now I no longer play in leagues or ladders, I do pick opponents where it will be a close game or beneficial to me* rather than arranging games which will be one-sided either way. I do get that if you are paid to get results it is a different matter, but even as a spectator the games of football and cricket I remember are the nip and tuck ones. Well okay I do clearly remember the day Palace put five past Manchester United, but that wont happen again in a hurry!

        This chat does bring home to me that I’m missing my badminton hugely, but in the overall scheme of things it hardly matters.


        *For example one of my friends is a decent batsman and I know I’ll lose to him but playing him improves my reactions no end, although it doesn’t seem to cross over to reacting to bites.

        1. I’m also missing playing football as well. The way it’s going though, I can’t see it happening any time soon.
          I’m still keeping fit in other ways, so staying active through the times of restriction.