The Bright Lights Of Cardiff, A Night Walk Around The City Centre And Cardiff Bay – The Modern Day Version Of Looking Through Your Photograph Album

It hasn’t been that long ago when I was walking around the capital of the Faroe Islands, with Makhan and Sam.

It was groundhog day once more, this time I was with The New Saints FC’s video analyst and media man in the capital of Wales.

With an overnight stay in Cardiff, ahead of the game at Penybont the next day, we took advantage of free time by going for a walk.

As always I recorded along the way. I enjoy making videos and it’s great when people watch and make positive comments.

I appreciate it, I really do. I also look back myself and just the other day I was watching the recent Faroe Islands videos I’d made.

It’s the modern day equivalent of looking through your photograph album, as we used to do years ago.

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