Hello, October – Lifestyle Change Is Better Than Dieting

October 1

I’ve been keeping an eye on my weight recently, and although there’s been plenty of movement, it’s all been in the wrong direction.

Although any day is the right one to make positive changes, nevertheless, the first of a new month is a good time to implement change.

We often talk about dieting, and while it’s good to lose weight when we need to, ultimately lifestyle change is better.

You can shed pounds just by eating less but when you broaden the horizon to include healthy eating, exercise and positive lifestyle it will have more of an effect.

October 2

No junk food yesterday and less calories, resulted in 2lb lost when on the scales this morning.

It’s often the case with a new diet, you lose a lot initially. However, it’s a good start and a positive step in the right direction

Today’s been good as well with food intake, so looking forward to seeing what tomorrow’s weigh-in brings.

October 3

Still 2lb lost in total but I’m eating very sensibly and positive, so I’m expecting to see more movement over the next few days. Hopefully in the right direction as well.

October 4

Still on 2lb loss.

October 5

I’ve been really into watermelons for a while and they’re my snack of choice. Better than chocolate, eh, and after a while your taste buds change anyway.

October 6

On the scales this morning and 3lb gone in total. Definitely on the right track regarding losing weight, especially early in the month.

October 7

More good news one week in, as the total lost is now 4lb.

October 20

Played my first game of football yesterday evening since March. Really feeling it this morning but that’s good. Im pushing on and I’ll be back next Monday as well.

October 31

All good. Let’s push on into November!