Hanging Around With Professional Footballers – Not A Bad Way To Spend A Few Hours On A Wednesday

The New Saints FC players, as full-time professionals, train several times during the week.

Obviously, from a media perspective, we don’t cover that every time as it would get quite repetitive.

Certainly once a week though, I enjoy hanging around the training session, filming and capturing footage of the players in action.

As well as the usual media-related stuff, today I was also a ball retriever for one of the routines that involved lots of running around and making sure all the groups had plenty of leather to go at.

I do enjoy the interaction with the players, and if you’re working in media, it’s very important. Apart from the fact that good relationships are healthy anyway, they also produce better content.

You can see that from the lead image of Leo Smith and Billy Whitehouse. All I did was look to film them and they naturally took up a comfortable pose for a photograph as well.