It Took Forty-Eight Years But I Finally Make It To Edgar Street

I can remember very clearly watching Match Of The Day in February 1972, when Hereford United played Newcastle United.

When Malcolm Macdonald scored a late goal in the FA Cup third round replay at Edgar Street, most people thought that was it.

Then – and who will ever forget it – Ronnie Radford unleashed a thunderbolt of a shot that levelled the score.

The best was yet to come though, when Ricky George scored the winner in extra-time. The pitch invasions were spontaneous and an expression of the emotion that was spilling over in huge measure on that day.

As a football fan, like most neutrals I wanted the non-league side to overcome the top-flight team, and in true David v Goliath style, they did.

I’ve been past Edgar Street on numerous occasions in recent years, as The New Saints have played games in South Wales.

It has been on the radar to visit, and last season when Jack Bodenham went on loan from Cardiff City, I was hoping to watch a game there.

I even sent him a text message saying I’d be along if dates worked out. Unfortunately, though, they didn’t.

However, when TNS FC’s manager, Scott Ruscoe, recently told me that the club had arranged a pre-season friendly there, I knew that at last I’d finally get to visit the ground.

I do love football history, and with a positive imagination, although it was a behind-closed-doors friendly (that Hereford FC won 2-0), I easily pictured the stadium packed with ecstatic fans all those years ago.

I can only imagine the personal memories that must still be very precious and real in the minds of the Hereford fans who were actually at the game.

Memories are great, and especially as you get older, they become even more special.

And never forget, always make the most of today’s experiences, because they will become tomorrow’s memories.

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