Feeding The Tourist Gene With A Stroll Along The North Wirral Coast At Leasowe

Once the game at The Campus had finished and I’d completed the post-match media work, I drove the short distance to Leasowe, on the north Wirral coast.

It was windy at times, as you can hear in the video, but it was also a beautiful sunny day.

The views were impressive, as with the naked eye, to the east I could see Liverpool and the Lancashire coastline, while to the west, Wales was visible as far as the Great Orme jutting out into the Irish Sea.

The lighthouse at Leasowe is the oldest brick-built one in Britain, having been constructed in 1763. I always like to research places that I visit, it makes it much more enjoyable and interesting.

It was just a short walk along the seafront, as keeping a careful eye on the time, I wanted to make sure I got some fishing in as well, while I was in the area. Watch this space on that one.