Canal Roach Fishing On The Way Back From Work

Leaving work in the afternoon, I dropped off on the Montgomery Canal for a short session. I had just basic tackle and no luxuries, so that meant sitting on the grass.

It was a lovely day though, so that was no problem. A number of boats passed but I still managed to catch roach, which were my target species.

The tackle I fished with was as follows: Poachers Pocket mini-rod and reel. Reel line was 4lb Maxima Chameleon.

The line went straight through to the hook, which was a Drennan Super Specialist micro barbed size 18.

The hook-length of six inches was created by a size 6 shot and 5mm bead, with a 1/4 ounce free-running bomb lead. 

Bait was a single white maggot and I loose fed mixed maggots.

I fished next to a road bridge, in the boat channel.