Jimmy Ruffin – My Favourite Track

As far as chart success is concerned, Jimmy Ruffin never hit the heights. Even the song that he is very much associated with – What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted – only made seven and eight in the USA and the UK respectively, when it was first released in 1966.

My personal favourite comes from the Ruff ‘N Ready album. His second with Motown, which was released in 1969, it is like a greatest hits as far as I’m concerned.

There are several from that release – along with others – that could make it, but just ahead of the pack is I’ll Say Forever My Love.

Although it peaked in the UK at number seven, across the water it was an extremely minor hit, scraping in seventy places below.

It’s one of those where both lyrics and tune tick the box. The song is a powerful affirmation of love.

It touches not just my ears but my emotions as well. I’ve always loved this song since I first heard it as a teenager. It really does hit the spot.


    1. Funnily enough I’ve been listening to that song for the last week, as I’ve had the Jimmy Ruffin Anthology on in the car.