After 132 Days Away On Furlough, It Was Back To Work Today

I was last at work (The New Saints FC), physically, on March 23. Leaving the office that day, if you’d have told me that more than four calendar months would pass before I once again journeyed along the A5, I would have been surprised, to say the least.

However, that was the case, but today, after a total of one hundred and thirty-two days away on furlough, I once again travelled what has become an extremely well-worn route in recent years.

Things are very different, of course, but having lived through change anyway since the nation went on lockdown, you find that you create new habits and adapt to an alternative lifestyle very quickly.

With 2020/2021 on the immediate horizon, it was good to watch the players train. They’ve been in preparation for a few weeks already and without wanting to sound biased, they do look very sharp.

It was good to see them on a personal level though, not just on the pitch.

That’s Blaine Hudson, in the lead image, and this piece was also my weekly blog entry on the TNS FC site: Rev’s Ramblings