Perch On The Bank, A Pike In The Swim And Improvisation With The Filming

The three points in the heading are all covered in the video below.

Although I caught perch, I was actually testing the crucian potential. I’m convinced they are there, albeit in much reduced numbers to previous years.

It’s all good though, and even though you may set your stall out for a specific species, there’s no such thing as a nuisance fish. Certainly not perch.

I fished with the following tackle: Fox Barbel Specialist 1.5 test curve rod and a Shimano DL2500FA reel.

The reel was loaded with 4lb Maxima Chameleon and this went straight through to a Drennan Super Specialist size 16 hook, which was attached via a blood knot.

A size 6 Dinsmores shot and a 5mm ESP shock bead created the six-inch hook-length, with a 1/4 ounce bomb above the bead.

I fished with single white maggot on the hook and fed balls of brown crumb laced with mixed maggots.

I was fishing in twelve feet of water a couple of lengths out.


  1. Will be following your crucian pursuit with very keen interest. Would love to know if the crucians are still there, nice to see there are tench there still. Can still remember catching my first crucian, it was the first thing I had caught other than gudgeon, roach and perch… Can vividly remember landing it and guiding it through the lilly pads, my dad with me and a man walking behind stopping to see me unhook it, will be 20 years ago this summer but remember it so well 😊 hope they’re still there.

    1. Great memories there, Chris.
      I saw one top the other night. They’re in here still but I think very few and far between.

      1. Yeah, wonderful memories. So glad there is still some there, I remember one bloke catching 20 odd in a couple of hours, but now it will be a massive achievement to even catch one I feel. Looking forward to seeing how you get on when you target them 😊

        1. Yes, it will be an achievement. I’ll enjoy the journey though, that’s for sure, and hopefully the destination.