The Undisputed Truth – My Favourite Track

I’ve occasionally described them as Motown’s best-kept secret, as in spite of – in my opinion, of course – producing some fantastic records, they never once, while at Motown, made the UK charts.

In fact, it was only when they departed the record label with their mentor, Norman Whitfield, that they had a tune that finally made it.

In 1976, You + Me = Love peaked at forty-three and that was that, as far as our side of the pond is concerned.

They were more successful in the States, with Smiling Faces Sometimes peaking at number three, the best they reached during their Motown years.

However, the gap was quite significant to the next chart entries, with the group managing sixty-three (twice) and seventy-one, with Papa Was A Rolling Stone, Help Yourself and What It Is respectively.

There are a number of serious contenders for my favourite track while they were with Motown.

Save My Love For A Rainy Day and You Make Your Own Heaven And Hell Right Here On Earth, just for starters, are up there in the mix

I’m going for You Got The Love I Need, though, as my personal favourite. A departure from their usual heavy bass-led, psychedelic soul approach, it’s very catchy, light and happy.

From their self-titled 1971 debut Motown album, it is the B-side of the previously mentioned, Smiling Faces Sometimes.

Although I stated in the video it was for the month of June, I’ve continued beyond, and I will do so until I’ve exhausted the artists that I want to share.

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  1. You + Me , what a disco monster Stuart!! In truth (sic) I have not checked out other recordings from this band. On your recommendations must rectify that.

    1. Yes, that’s a great song. Funnily enough, I’m listening to the album that it comes from – Method To The Madness – at present when I’m in the car.
      Well worth a listen. You can instantly see Norman Whitfield’s influence.