Live Blogging From The Water’s Edge – Join Me On An Overnight Carp Session

7.50 p.m. Good evening and welcome to another live blogging session. As with my previous four of this nature, I’m pursuing big carp.

It’s definitely not a runs water and one fish would be a result. There’s an introductory video below and I’ll be posting updates as usual.

In addition, you can keep me company via the comments box, also below. Just post and submit, you don’t need to register. I look forward to hearing from you.

8.15 p.m. I’m realistic about the session, I know it’s not an easy water and the carp don’t exactly queue up to be caught.

At the same time, though, I’m also very confident. You need the blend of the two, so that you get a true perspective of the session that lies ahead.

9.10 p.m. A brief encounter with a rat. Although I’m on a short grass bank, and it’s not dark yet, as bold as can be it made its way toward me.

It only retreated when I stood up. It had that defiant, I’ll be back though, manner about it.

As anglers, especially those of us who fish through the night, we have plenty of rat stories. I know I do.

9.30 p.m. Although I’m fishing just single PVA bags filled with boilies and pellets, I’m still getting issues with diving coots and stretching mute swans. Hopefully, they’ll go to bed soon.

10.30 p.m. Just heard a muntjac not too far away. No fish yet, but the three I’ve had from here recently have come just before midnight (one) and first light (two), so there’s plenty of time yet.

11.45 p.m. Getting the occasional single bleep on the bite alarms, and as I’ve got the lines pinned to the lake bed, courtesy of back leads, I’m sure there are fish out there.

2.30 a.m. I’m still here but nothing to report.

3.20 a.m. Still going strong. I’ve done thousands of nights out over the years and in many ways, like a shift worker, your body gets used to it.

3.30 a.m. While I’m waiting for that first run, I just checked the site statistics. I don’t know who people are or any details other than the country they’re from.

It’s always encouraging though, that even when blogging through the night, I get clicks. At the moment, mostly from the UK, but also Austria, Canada and USA.

4.30 a.m. Dawn breaks and I’ve got a couple of hours before I start breaking camp. This is the period where I’ve been most successful on the lake though.

4.35 a.m. No sooner had I posted the update, one of the alarms came alive. At that precise moment you don’t know whether it’s a 40lb carp or a 4lb tench.

Although I didn’t weigh it, it was the latter rather than the former. That’s fine though, at least I’m not a blanker. Plus, I’ve still got time.

7.00 am. No carp but at least I caught something. I know many carpers don’t like tench but personally, although I like to be focused, ultimately there is no such thing as a nuisance fish. They’re all very welcome indeed.


    1. Ha! I tell you what though, Chris, how tense were the last two games? Even on the final game in the dying seconds there was a goal at Brentford. Who’d have thought it was Barnsley who scored it!
      Yes, nice fish and it saved a blank!

  1. Good luck Stewart!

    Strange question. Have you ever been recognised whilst fishing? In particular along the canal. I’m sure many of your viewers found your videos by searching for Staffs Worcester videos and possibly live relatively local.

  2. Hi Stewart, thanks for the shout out, I certainly am following tonight’s progress. I nearly went for a walk to where I believe you are and wondered if you may be fishing, but went to Enville instead. Love the video of your tackle room, amazing! The video of Nyah was brilliant too, what a character 😊

    1. You’re welcome, I almost congratulated WBA on their promotion, but that would have been a step too far!
      Thanks for the kind words, appreciated.
      Nyah’s great! So confident and outward going!

  3. I love to see people enjoy there fishing,the way you fish.keep it up,you are fishing the way it should be just enjoying it.all the best marc