On The Right Side Of The Line With A Perch – Bailiffs Must Have Some Stories To Tell

Another day and another short lure fishing session. Just the one perch, but as I often say, I was on the right side of the line.

There’s more in the video, but on my visit to the water (which is one of my syndicate venues) yesterday, a non-member left after I spoke with him, saying he didn’t realise you can’t fish there.

Well, a day later, he returned. I spotted him fishing, and made my way round to speak again, but he was on his bike before I could get there.

Although I don’t seek confrontation, I don’t see why I should pay thousands of pounds (which I have done over the years) to fish somewhere when people think they can get away with freeloading.

I’m not one of these who wants poachers to be tortured and then burnt alive. Some people do try it on but then once you know, you don’t return the next day. That’s called taking the mick.

I can imagine bailiffs have so many stories to recount, most of them would tell you they could write a book.

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The tackle I fished with was as follows: Fox Rage Ultron drop shot rod, Fox Rage Ultron 2500 reel, 10lb Sunline braid on reel. 

Fox Rage Illusion fluorocarbon 10lb 3oz (2 metres) joined to the braid with a small swivel. 

Fox Rage micro jig head 1g size 4 hook. Berkley powerbait 2 inch rubber minnow. All knots (3) blood knots.