More Angling Blogs Updated To The Resource – Want One Added? Just Let Me Know

It’s been a while since I added any angling blogs to the list, mostly because I’ve been fishing. It was during the lockdown phase when we couldn’t get bank side, and I had more time, that the resource increased significantly.

However, I had a message from Mick, who runs Micks Barbel Adventures, asking if I could add his to the list. That’s been an open invitation to anglers for a while, by the way, so don’t be shy.

As well as adding Mick’s link, I have also searched the internet for more blogs that begin with the letter M.

Although I’ve previously linked to the more traditional blog site, as you can see, Mick’s is a YouTube channel. It’s the first one and I’m certainly happy to include more.

Therefore, if you want me to add anything that is angling-related, feel free to post the link in the comments box below. You don’t need to register, just post and submit.

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The video below was produced during the recent angling lockdown. Although that has now passed, of course, the content is still relevant.