A Nature Walk Around The Great Pool At Himley Hall, Staffordshire

As a keen angler, I’m often found near water. However, on this occasion, I didn’t have a rod in my hand.

Instead, I gave my new camcorder an outing. It was a very windy day, not always ideal for this type of filming.

Everything was recorded by holding the camcorder, and although a tripod is preferable, if you can get used to just the device itself, it’s much easier on these type of outings in terms of carrying around extra gear.

After the initial two clips, I confined myself to the perimeter of the lake for the filming, so everything you see is either on the water or alongside it.

Birds spotted (not all on video): wood pigeon, carrion crow, Canada goose, coot, mallard, mute swan, common buzzard, great crested grebe, magpie, black headed gull, moorhen, goldfinch.

The small white duck that you can see is a call duck. They are not native, or even naturalised, so I don’t include them as they’re an ornamental duck.

I don’t really make special trips to watch birds, but nevertheless, as you can see from my Birds 2020 list, there are a lot more species out there than most people probably realise.