It’s Fun To Still Shop At The YMCA

My collection of vinyl grows slowly, very slowly in fact, but that’s the nature of my own approach.

The latest addition – Still by the Commodores – cost me 30p from a charity shop in Dudley.

There’s more via the video below. In addition, you can visit the My Music page, where all my other vinyl records are listed.


  1. Hi Stewart for a time way back I priced the musical items vinyl records, CDs, cassettes!! and music related books for Oxfam in Ormskirk Lancashire. Of course, I kept my eyes peeled for treasure but had to wade through piles of Mantovani`s Hits and Val Doonican records. Cutting through the fat to the funk so to speak!! One day a bloke came in and asked if I was interested in his 78 jazz collection as he was moving house and downsizing. Of course was my reply. Anyway, to cut a long story short the collection turned out to be an A to Z of New Orleans jazz. Too rare and valuable to sell at the shop and I did not want to risk breaking up the collection. Red Lick Records a jazz , blues, and World music mail order retailer based in Porthmadog took it off my hands. The owner Ken wanted it for his own collection. A three figure sum ( still a bargain) came Oxfam’s way. So everyone was happy.

    1. That’s a great story and what a collection.
      You’re right about the Val Doonican and Mantovani though!