Happy Birthday, Blog – Seventeen Years Old Today

On July 5, 2003, I published my first blog entry. Back then, my site was called Stewart Bloor’s Angling Journal, and as the title suggests, was devoted to my fishing adventures.

Since then, like all blogs will, of course, it has evolved. Although it’s still well-represented by piscatorial entries, it’s now a wider net that has been cast.

Starting out as a weekly update, the Saturday posts became daily ones.

Back to the original one though, although I did lose some of the format when I switched  from the web space that I initially had to Word Press, you can still read the text and view the images here: On The Trail Of The Tinca

In the early days I printed the entries, just for my own use, and that’s one of the sheets from the first one in the lead image above.

There’s more via the video below.