Haden Hill Park, Looking Good In Flaming June – Thoughts On Lockdown Rules

Although it’s in the Black Country – between Cradley and Halesowen – Haden Hill Park doesn’t feel like it. In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in a country park.

It’s close to where my eldest daughter lives, so, earlier today, a chance for my wife and I to catch up with her and the grandchildren.

Although we’d love to have our granddaughter over to stay, that’s not allowed just yet. She hasn’t been to our house since March, in fact.

We’ve followed government advice from day one, so a few more days, weeks or whatever won’t be a problem, with July 4 being a key date.

Not everyone has been as observant though. I know people who, from the very beginning, continued to mix with others in exactly the same way as they did before.

Ironically, some were individuals who, if they had contracted coronavirus, would most certainly have been touch-and-go.

I even know people who mixed freely from day one as they had always done, yet clapped the NHS weekly.

The point I’m making though is don’t worry about what others do. Just do the right thing yourself, that’s what matters.

I haven’t mentioned the examples for any reason, other than to say, don’t get side-tracked into focusing on other people.

Let them do what they choose, you concentrate on your life. I don’t know about you, I’m busy enough with myself without widening the net.