Chub, Perch And Roach From The Canal – Thoughts On Cutting Towpaths And Grass Verges

Although my blog has widened its scope in recent years, I still like to post a fishing-related entry on a Saturday if I can.

That’s where it all started, back in the summer of 2003, when for many years after the launch of my website, it was a weekly post focused on angling.

Up bright and early this morning, I was on the canal for a couple of hours, before the world stirred. You can follow the session below.

In addition, as per the heading, I share my thoughts on the cutting of towpaths and grass verges. I welcome your comments as well, which you can add beneath this post.

I fished with the following tackle: John Wilson Masterline 9’ Debut rod and a Shimano DL2500FA reel. 

The reel was loaded with 4lb Maxima Chameleon and this went straight through to a Drennan Super Specialist size 16 hook, which was attached via a blood knot.

A size 6 Dinsmores shot and a 5mm ESP shock bead created the six-inch hook-length, with a 1/4 ounce bomb above the bead.

I fished with double red maggot on the hook and loose fed the same by hand. I caught in both the boat channel and up against the lock.


  1. Well said. A couple of years back I saw a Grass snake fighting for his life after grass cutters had gone over him. Stew pony area. This is life