We Live In A Really Angry World – Thoughts On Anger

Fuming, rage, anger, outrage. Especially on social media, it seems that more and more people are getting angry.

Is that good, bad or indifferent though? I share my own thoughts via the short video below.

The video was also today’s sermon at Tipton Family Church where we have an on-line service every Sunday morning.


  1. I agree largely Stewart. However we have more ways to express our anger. the online World affords people the instant opportunity to vent our spleen, sometimes I feel I want to bathe myself in Detoll after logging out. I have just read the Constant Gardner by John Le Carre probably for the fourth time!! The anger and outrage is palpable but Le Carre is channeling that outrage and anger into something creative.and maybe a catalyst for change.. People are going to getting angry about certain things in the World, it is part of our psyche. I guess the trick is to use that energy in a positive way and not in a self destructive manner.

  2. Understand your basic message, Stewart. But do you not think a sense of anger can help one to tackle injustice. Otherwise we are just sheep accepting what is done to use. Love and prayers to you and family xx (Hope you can post another sea fishing video soon)