The Temptations – My Favourite Track

I’ve been a big fan of The Temptations since I was at school, and when asked who my favourite group is, I’ve always gone for them without hesitation.

Therefore, it is a challenge to choose one song from among dozens (and I don’t exaggerate) that could quite easily be the one at the top of the pile.

Little Miss Sweetness, My Girl, Since I Lost My Baby, The Way You Do The Things You Do and World Of You, Love And Music all stand out as contenders.

However, I’m going for a track from the 1971 album, Skys The Limit. Just My Imagination was co-written by one of my favourite writers and producers, Norman Whitfield.

After a period of funky psychedelic soul, it was back to to a more soulful approach for The Temptations.

It’s a gentle song, the strings and bass introduction lead into a brief background harmony, before Eddie Kendricks takes over the vocals.

In fact, it was the last song that Kendricks and fellow group founder, Paul Williams, featured on. The latter retired due to poor health, with the former launching a solo career.

The lyrics to the song tell the story of a man who is in love with a woman but she isn’t aware. He gets carried away, as he fantasises about getting married, setting up home and starting a family together.

It’s not a sinister or dark song though, and to some extent, when you think of a crush that you might have had on someone, it’s probably a line of thought that many can relate to in one way or another.

It’s another one that gets repeat-button treatment whenever it comes on when I’m listening to streamed music.

The lead image, by the way, is a Temptations album. It’s before the days of Sky’s The Limit but any chance to show off my vinyl.