Half A Century Of New Sites Added To The A-Z Of Angling Blogs Resource

Although I’m still a furloughed worker, actual fishing has taken up a lot of my focus recently, as opposed to just writing about it. I thought it was about time though that I updated the A-Z Of Angling Blogs page.

First up, I targeted blogs beginning with the letter C. I had a productive time there, with 25 added.

Then I decided to see what the letter R had to offer. That was more of a struggle, as just two new additions made the list for that particular page.

In terms of difficulty, it became worse, as some considerable time searching for N threw up just the one blog site.

Although I already had in excess of 100 blogs beginning with the letter T, nevertheless there is still plenty of mileage left, as I found out. In no time at all, I had found 22 new blogs and therefore reached the overall figure of 550.

If you would like me to add a blog site then feel free to add a reply below.