Another Perch Session On The Canal – You Can Never Have Too Much Of A Good Thing

This was my twentieth angling session since the restrictions were lifted two weeks ago, and once again I was on a canal. In fact, all but two outings so far have been on the cut, as it’s known locally.

However, as the title states, you can never have too much of a good thing. Although I am planning on spreading my wings from now on, the canal will always feature as it’s local.

As always, you can follow the session via the video below. I enjoy making videos and that’s the key to blogging in general. You have to enjoy it.

I fished with the following tackle: John Wilson Masterline Debut 9’ quiver tip rod and a Shimano DL2500FA reel. 

The reel was loaded with 4lb Maxima Chameleon, with a hook-length of 1lb 6oz Ultima Virage fluorocarbon. The lines were joined by a loop-to-loop knot.

Hook was a Drennan Super Specialist size 18 with a size 6 Dinsmores shot and a 5mm ESP shock bead creating the six inch hook-length from a small lead. 

I fished single red maggot and loose fed the same. I was near a lock and cast three rod lengths out into the boat channel and open water.


  1. Brilliant, that was quite a gift. I just follow the fishing stuff but will take a look at the entry.
    Next time I’m back in England and take my walk along the cut in the Gothersley/Stewpony stretch I’ll make sure I wear mine so we can recognise each other!
    If you follow the link on my now defunct blog, it will take you to an online edition of my old magazine that tells the tale of Wells of the Alta, an American gentleman who landed three 50 lb Alta salmon in one day. A bit of modern salmon angling history.
    All the best and take care,

    1. It was indeed. I had two caps and a book, so really blessed.
      Although it came via football, the blog entry is still a fishing one. If you scroll down the blog posts page, it’s fairly recent. It has Norway in the title.
      I just checked out your site and read the entries with Alta in the title. Very good.

  2. Hi Stewart,
    Enjoying watching your videos as usual, they are a lovely reminder of home.
    I was rather surprised to see you wearing an Alta cap and wondered how you came by it. I earned mine by helping to carry stores down the long staircase to Sautso lodge when there to interview the ALI chairman. Was lucky enough to fish the river the following year.
    Tight lines and carry on blogging.

    1. Hello, Roy. Thanks for the kind words.
      Have a look at a few blog entries back, in the heading it mentions tales from Norway. I’m wearing the hat and tell the story in full there, basically it was from a Norwegian groundhopper.