Short Canal Session In The Middle Of A Bright, Sunny Day – Regardless Of The Conditions, Just Go Anyway

Non-anglers (and even some fisherman) think a beautiful sunny day is great for getting out there at the water’s edge. Well, it might be good for suntans but not necessarily for catching fish.

That was the case in this particular session, although I’m a firm believer that it’s better to fish in less than ideal conditions than to not fish at all.

I often mention conditions during the winter and make the point about just go fishing anyway. The same is also true of summer, otherwise the weather dictates.

It’s too cold to go, too windy, too hot, overnight frost, rain forecast etc. Living in the British Isles, if we wait for ‘perfect’ conditions, we will hardly go out.

Then, how many times do we struggle when things look good? Yet, on those days when it seems to be against us, we excel. To repeat the point made, just go fishing anyway.

Back to the present, with anglers, cyclists, joggers and walkers it was certainly a busy session as well. I fished red maggot on a size 18 hook and loose fed the same.


  1. I went to my favourite bit of Grand union canal. Road closed. Massive area fenced off for HS2 in Warwickshire. Trees , hedges all gone Progress ? Time to try a new stretch for a few weeks until river season. Like you’re way of thinking. It’s all about enjoyment

    1. Hello, John. Sounds like the area has suffered badly.
      Yeah, not long now till the river season kicks off. Soon be here!
      Tight lines!