X Is For Xenophile – Memories From Working In The World Of Football 2019

I enjoy travel very much and over the years I’ve been to close to forty (I’ve just done a quick count and I make it 39) nations of the world. I thought my list of new countries had come to an end in the year 2000, when I ceased my own work-related travelling.

However, since 2014 when my path crossed with that of The New Saints FC, I happily picked up the wanderlust baton again.

Although my journeys are first and foremost football-related, nevertheless getting to visit new places is a very nice by-product indeed.

During 2019 I took in Bulgaria, Denmark, England, Kosovo, Scotland and Wales, with Bulgaria and Kosovo first-time trips. I enjoyed going back to Denmark though.

This time, we stayed near Copenhagen, and on one occasion we were able to visit the city on a sight-seeing excursion. That’s where the lead image comes from, as I took a photograph of the iconic little mermaid in the harbour.

The video below comes from the walk around the capital of Denmark. I am most definitely a xenophile. ‘A person who likes foreigners or things foreign.” (Collins English Dictionary).