Welcome To Wombourne… The Natural World Is Closer Than We Realise… Enjoying The Great Outdoors…

Although I’m back on track with angling, I haven’t given up on the walks with the binoculars. This one comes from Wombourne, in Staffordshire. There’s more in the video below.

As well as making blog entries positive, I also like to encourage as well. This time round, it’s an attempt to show that we don’t necessarily have to travel great distances to engage with nature.

I hope you enjoy the video, and if you aren’t already, hopefully it stimulates you into exploring the great outdoors yourself. If you do, you’ll realise why it’s called great!

Birds seen: song thrush, blue tit, magpie, carrion crow, raven, wood pigeon, mallard, blackcap, blue tit, swift, jackdaw, wren, dunnock, robin, blackbird, moorhen, feral pigeon, lesser black-backed gull.