We Talk About Holding A Grudge But In Reality The Grudge Holds Us… How To Defeat Grudges Before They Take Root In Our Lives

Like other congregations, Tipton Family Church has been closed since the lockdown was announced back in March.

However, we’ve all stayed connected, albeit at a distance, and every Sunday we’ve had an online service with a difference. Here’s this morning’s.

There’s always a short message included as well. You can view today’s below. It’s about grudges and, more importantly, how to deal with them.

The opening line is that we often talk about holding a grudge but in reality the grudge holds us.

Although the message was done with church in mind, it’s not exclusive. In fact, apart from the one verse of scripture, it’s not ‘religious’ and the principles apply to us all.

Whether atheist or religious, grudges destroy from within.

As you can probably guess, I was in the bathroom at home. Whatever in a pulpit of a grand cathedral or surrounded by toiletries, it’s the message that counts, not the setting.