A Fox In The Street Waiting For Food

Wild animals are generally very good at adapting to the environment that they find themselves in and will certainly take advantage of situations around them.

That’s the case with the fox that we observe from our bedroom window at night. All is revealed via the video below.

I recorded this on my camcorder. It’s not brilliant footage but way better than my iPhone recordings.



  1. We have several foxes visit our back garden nightly – and in fact it appears one has recently had cubs as she currently has teats well apparent. Sometimes one will march proudly down our street – and once did so with 2-3 cubs in tow (a few years back that).

    Also we have one badger that appears nightly too… and have seen two together at times.

    Once there was even a ‘party night’ on the lawn – badgers AND foxes together!

    The foxes have a bit of trouble with our cats though … both Mollie and Ollie lie in wait like snipers under our hedges and conifers and chase them out of the garden and although Mollie won’t leave the garden confines, Ollie disappears over the fields in pursuit…. However, the fox(es) return undeterred later. Strange really as both cats are ‘scared’ of our ferrets … and sensible in that they dont harass the badger(s)!

    Been meaning to set up my video cam to capture the ‘overnight’ visitors for ages – soon, perhaps even tonight if the camera gets charged! :)

    1. Sounds great, Steve, especially the badgers. The video cam sounds like a plan – get it charged!