Snapped By A Professional At Rhyl – A Walk Down Angling’s Memory Lane

Having been blogging regularly since July 2003, it’s only natural that my entries over the years have reached a reasonably wide audience. In addition, I do get recognised a lot when I’m out and about. That was the case in the story behind the lead image.

We always took holidays as a family when our girls were younger, but as they became young adults themselves, my wife and I had our first vacation with just the the two of us. That was ten years ago when we had a week in a caravan at Talacre.

It all went smoothly and so we began to book regular holidays, which is something that we have continued right into the present. Although we now head for the Barmouth area, back then we spent a few years visiting Kinmel Bay, on the north Wales coast.

Of course, that meant I was able to fish Rhyl on a regular basis. Although not the best spot in the area, nevertheless the harbour is always on my radar, as it brings back so many memories from when I was a child.

On one occasion, I was fishing there in the day over high tide, and I noticed a photographer taking shots of the general area. As he made his way towards me, he gave me the look that I’ve come to recognise over the years.

He knew who I was, via my blog, and asked if he could take some photographs of me. He said that he would send them on and he did.

They were great images as he not only had the gear but also the eye of an experienced photographer. Alongside my own iPhone shots you can certainly spot the difference.

I have used them a few times over the years – and no doubt will again in the future. I would love to credit the person who took the images, but sadly I can’t remember his name. You never know though, with the power of the internet, he may see this and get in touch. I wouldn’t be surprised.