Sedgley To Wolverhampton Time-Lapse Video… There Are No Dangerous Roads, Just Dangerous Drivers … Fuel Consumption During The Lockdown

More of that in due course, but I haven’t done much driving during the last month or so. Needing to travel to Wolverhampton though to purchase (essential) items that I couldn’t buy locally, I took the opportunity to record the journey as a time-lapse video.

You can watch that below, and certainly if you know the route, even though it’s fast-paced, no doubt you’ll be able to follow the journey.

You won’t be able to see from the video but I was overtaken by a car, in what was a dangerous manoeuvre, as far as the other driver is concerned.

In fact, I had the benefit of being able to slow the original footage down, and you can see just how tight it was, with another car approaching on the other side of the road.

Not only was it dangerous though, it was also pointless. All that happened, was that for the next couple of miles the driver had gained one car advantage in the line of traffic.

The return journey was even worse though, as a car not only overtook and cut in front, in a really tight spot, but the driver continued to do the same with all the vehicles in front of him.

Before he overtook, he was so close to the car ahead of him, a glance in the mirror and you could see the whites of his eyes. Then, once passing the car, the target was to get to the next one in as short a time as possible.

Now, as far as I’m concerned, it’s not a problem in the context that I’m going to let these things rob me of my peace. I won’t be ranting on social media and posting number plates, or whatever people do.

In fact the only reason I’m mentioning it is to make the point that there are no dangerous roads, just dangerous drivers.

Finally, staying with the car theme, my fuel consumption has been excellent of late. I last filled up on my way back from work on March 19. Almost seven weeks later, I have used just three ‘sticks’ out of eight on my fuel gauge.

We usually talk in terms of how many miles we get to the gallon, now it’s more a case of how many weeks we get.

I normally drive in excess of 2,500 miles per month, so that’s also been a big help as far as car costs generally are concerned.