P Is For PFC Ludogorets – Memories From Working In The World Of Football 2019

Although I enjoy working in Welsh football generally, the highlights, as you can imagine, are the European adventures. Therefore, when The New Saints FC drew the champions of Bulgaria in the UEFA Europa League, I was immediately looking forward to the visit.

With the first leg on the road, we set off on a long journey that saw us eventually settle in the town of Razgrad, via Bucharest in Romania. The place where we stayed was no joke either. It was called the Cartoon Hotel.

I had already begun communication with my counterpart at PFC Ludogorets, and the day after arrival, he called me and asked if I would like a personal tour of the training ground and facilities. You only need to ask those type of questions once.

I was very impressed and the video below gives you a behind-the-scenes insight.

I did a number of blog entries around the games, both home and away, and they can be viewed here: PFC Ludogorets