Getting To Know Your Local Birding Patch… Another Visit To Turls Hill, Sedgley

If there’s one thing that the lockdown has done for most birders, it’s no doubt that their understanding of the local patch has increased considerably.

In fact, for some they have probably visited their doorstep area more than they have ever done previously.

It has no doubt made many aware of what’s out there and that they don’t always need to travel long distances to appreciate the great outdoors.

Although I’ve been an occasional Turls Hill birder in the years I’ve lived in the area, nevertheless the last month or so has given me insight that I didn’t have before.

Once the lockdown is lifted, no doubt we’ll all be extending our birding range. That’s great. But don’t forget your local patch.

I’ve certainly enjoyed my visits to Turls Hill and the opportunities I’ve had to embrace the natural world that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Today’s birds: wood pigeon, blackbird, magpie, common buzzard, house sparrow, blue tit, goldfinch, swallow, carrion crow, chaffinch, pheasant, jackdaw, stock dove, mistle thrush.


  1. Really lovely. I only live just down the road by Sycamore Centre and never knew about Tenscore Park. Will definitely be taking the kids. Thanks for posting

    1. Hello, Katie.
      There’s a car park on site so very convenient.
      There’s a playground as well for the children.
      It’s not a big area but pleasant enough.
      There’s nothing lost in going once though.
      Enjoy and thanks for your comment.

    2. P.S. Did you mean Turls Hill? If so, that’s a lovely walk.
      When you’re there you wouldn’t think you’re surrounded by urban development, it’s like being in the country, which in some ways, it is.