Y Is For Yorkshire And A First While Building A List Of Angling Blog Sites

Back on my laptop at home, I added more blog sites to the growing list. This session searching the internet though resulted in slow growth, as I was in pursuit of blog sites that began with Q and Y.

I didn’t find any at all that started with the former, so if ever you come across any of those on your internet travels, let me know.

Y was more fruitful – but only marginally – as several listens to Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes’ Wake Up Everybody album in the background, saw the overall total extended by just four to 385.

It was also a first for me as well, as it’s the only time so far that I’ve come across two blogs with exactly the same title. In addition, as you can see from the list to date, they’re all Yorkshire-based sites as well, hence the reference in the title.

Check out the A-Z Of Angling Blogs page as well as the latest blogs beginning with Y.