N Is For New Signings – Memories From Working In The World Of Football 2019

I always enjoy interviewing new signings for the very first time. With the likes of Keston Davies, Ryan Harrington and Adam Hughes all putting pen to paper on contracts ahead of the new season, it was a busy period.

As well as the initial interview there are head and shoulders shots for the website, other  images, and generally more media focus during that initial couple of weeks.

As you can see from the lead photograph, which is the first chat that we did with Keston Davies, following his move from Swansea City, there is a shirt on the table that we then used when we went on the pitch for some promotional shots.

Often the first interview is done that quickly after signing, the player hasn’t got his designated kit at that time. What happens, as with Keston, is that they wear my clothes while we film, in this case a club tracksuit top.

I’ve lost count of the times that players after training, for example, when they are in their own gear, are wearing my jacket or tracksuit top for an interview. I sometimes watch them and think, my clothes are famous!