Wild Flowers And Birds At Turls Hill, Sedgley… Fox Practising Social Distancing, Which Is More Than Some Two-Legged Animals

Along with my wife and our Bedlington Terrier, I took my daily walk once again to Turls Hill. Obviously, the pheasants have become a big draw as far as where to go is concerned.

Although I didn’t see them this time round, for the second visit on the bounce I observed a fox on a field enjoying the warm evening sunshine. You can see the animal via the video below.

We’ve had nice weather for a while now and as it’s improved so have the numbers of people blatantly ignoring government guidelines on social distancing. You know the score.

This time round, the video features flowers. There’s lots coming through and it’s looking very bright and colourful.

Both yellow archangel and lords and ladies have joined the others that have been there for some time. Lesser celandine, forget-me-nots, cow parsley, white dead-nettle, common nettle, green alkanet, dandelion, Spanish bluebell and bluebell are all out in force.

Of course, I also took my binoculars, with the following birds logged: wood pigeon, blue tit, wren, blackbird, robin, magpie, great tit, starling, chaffinch, carrion crow, common buzzard, coal tit, goldfinch, lesser black-backed gull, house sparrow, green woodpecker, blackcap, long-tailed tit.