Motivation For The A-Z Of Angling Blogs – Latest Additions To O, P And R

Although I’m a furloughed worker at the moment – and enjoying the relaxed lifestyle, by the way – nevertheless I’m still ‘doing things’. However, not for the sake of it, that’s important. I’m not bored and finding stuff to do just because I have to.

One of the projects I have set myself though is to expand the A-Z Of Angling Blogs that I started some time ago. I’ve been blogging since July 2003, and although it’s moved from a weekly angling entry to several posts a day that cover a wide range of subjects, nevertheless fishing features prominently.

The purpose of building a list of blogs is two-fold. Firstly, to encourage other anglers and help them to get a few more clicks. I do quite well with my blog and it’s always nice to know that you aren’t talking to yourself.

Secondly, it’s to provide a resource that we can all access. Reading about the adventures of others is educational and inspiring.

Many years ago when I met a well-known angler, he said to me that he follows my blog regularly, and sometimes when he perhaps doesn’t feel like going fishing, he gets inspired, loads the gear into his car and sets off for the local river. As I often say, you never know who’s looking on.

My first session on the laptop this time round saw me searching blogs that begin with the letter O. They’re not as common as some, but nowhere near as elusive as others, so within the hour that I had set myself, I had taken the list from one to ten. It also took the total to 365 – one for every day of the year.

Next up I set myself the target of taking blogs that begin with P into double-figures. That was straightforward enough, as seven became fifteen in no time at all.

Finally, focusing on blogs that start with R, I took that from four to twelve. That means the total number of sites I’ve now listed is 381. Enjoy visiting them and if they have a comments option, why not post messages and encourage your fellow anglers.