Turls Hill, Sedgley, And Solving The Mystery Of The Pheasants

After spotting the male and female pheasants the other day at Turls Hill, although I didn’t see them this time round, a chance meeting with a passer-by has solved the mystery. More of that via the video below.

I noticed some commotion around a jackdaw nesting site that I had recently located. Although they tried to see it off, the much bigger carrion crow won out in the end.

Stooping into the hole in the tree it was taking either eggs or young, I couldn’t make out which. Sadly, this is the natural world. It’s brutal.

On a brighter note, I observed a female chaffinch with soft materials in her beak, as she put the finishing touches to a nest in dense ivy.

Birds seen, in order: wood pigeon, magpie, carrion crow, lesser black-backed gull, dunnock, blue tit, jackdaw, blackbird, great tit, chaffinch, kestrel, robin, house sparrow, blackcap, song thrush, stock dove, grey heron, goldfinch.